Friday, 11 September 2015

Great day

A great day out today with lots of laughs. I was interviewed by Heidi Fuller-Love for the World Service - the programme should air in about a month's time - watch this space. Seven of us met at Elounda Krini hotel car park for a trip into the mountains to have lunch with Yiannis at his great mountain tavern. We found some lovely Sea Squill, a tiny Lactuca alpestris and a variety of thistles. We went to see if the wild peaony had any ripe seeds. We did find a few that had escaped the goats, but they were safe behind a high chain link fence. We had a walk on some Minoan steps, saw an eagle and a vulture, had coffee at the lovely little taverna behind Panagia Kera church, where the ladies had a little unexpected retail therapy. We finished the day with a glorious chip omelette and Greek salad. The weather was lovely - a cool breeze in the mountains which was very welcome. Two photos of our happy group today and a photo of 'dog' onions - sea squill bulbs (Charybdis maritimum)- so-called by Cretans because although they look like large onions, they are not edible.

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