Friday, 11 September 2015

German World Service

Today I am being interviewed for the German World Service Radio, about the work that I do on Crete and the naming of the Bellevalia juliana in my honour. The reporter Heidi Fuller-Love will come with us on a trip into the mountains to search for autumn flowering bulbs and the visit places of interest along the route. Our trip will take us to a medieval church to admire the ancient frescoes, to a deep cave that was once used for Goddess worship by the Minoans, then a chance to walk on a fragment of a Minoan pack route with its stone steps still visible. Higher into the mountains we will stop to search for autumn crocus, scilla, colchicum and much more. We will scan the skies for birds of prey such as eagles, buzzards and vultures before arriving at my friend Yianni's taverna on a remote plateau. After a lunch of omelette and salad, we will off-road to discover one of the world's rarest trees and to wonder at the breath taking scenery all around us. Should be a good day!

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