Saturday 30 May 2009

One of my paintings

Hi Faith, here is one of my watercolour paintings of endemic Cretan plants - this one is the wild Cretan iris which grows all over the place in Spring and early summer. You should come over and see them sometime, they are stunning.

Jenny Moody's talk

We would really appreciate offers of prizes for the raffle on Saturday 25th June at BioAroma to help raise money for the work of Flowers of Crete. We rely on donations of prizes for the raffle, as the event is free as a way of raising public awareness of the need for conservation. A lot of work goes into organising and promoting these events and we have to use Flowers of Crete money to put these important slideshows and lectures on - money which could be used for the upkeep of the website and to pay for informational and education literature.

Stunning day on the Katharo

Rosemary John and I joined Steve Lenton for a day botanizing on the Katharo Plateau. It was absolutely wonderful. I have never seen the Katharo looking more beautiful. Everywhere was clothed with stunning flowers - gladiolus, poppies, daisies and the wonderful purple fumitory. Amongst all this abundance, we found a few very special flowers - thanks to Steve, whose knowledge of the area is amazing. There will be more news on Steve's and our 'finds' on the Flowers of Crete website in due course. In the meantime, enjoy this image.

Wednesday 27 May 2009


Is there anyone out there reading this? I feel that I am blogging away to thin air. Please lets have some feedback!

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Precious Heritage

I will be exhibiting my paintings, drawings, photography and textile work in the Municiple Art Gallery in Aghios Nikolaos from 19th to 28th June. There will be an opportunity to learn more about Flowers of Crete and to join our organisation. Please come along and take a look and say hello. With many thanks to PODAN who are organising this exhibition on my behalf. Julia

Soiree at Vrahassi

There will be another chance to show off your talents at the May Soiree, this Saturday, 30th May, starting at 8.00 at Jane's Revolution Bar in Vrahassi. It really is a great evening, with a lovely atmosphere and a variety of performances from classical music to Pam Ayres, stopping on the way to enjoy Greek prose, country music and German lieder. DO come along and join us. Raffle and donations to Flowers of Crete. Refreshments at the bar. If you would like your chance to perform, please contact Jane Sharp at Vrahassi.

Spring Fayre in Vrahassi

Despite the very warm day, the Spring Fayre was a great success and enjoyed by everyone. Many thanks to those who contributed to funds by hiring a table for the day and to everyone who worked so hard to raise funds for Flowers of Crete. The International and National profile of our organisation is rising at a terrific rate and there are more and more opportunities to promote the work of education and conservation needed to protect the endemic and endangered flowers here. This success is down to the hard work of everyone concerned.

Wild World Blogspot

In March, Rosemary and I went out with a Swedish photographer, Peter Lilja, who was here in Crete to take photos for National Geographic Magazine. He was in the area around Elounda for two days and we had a delightful time showing him some of the treasures of Lassithi. Here is a link to his blog. His images are great and the articles in National Geographic will be wonderful for promoting the flora of Crete. We hope to be able to feature some of Peter's images on our website in due course, once copyright issues have been cleared up.

Friday 22 May 2009

Fund raising

We have now ordered the GPS handheld unit for recording the location of endangered and rare flowers. Unfortunately, the unit we wanted has been discontinued. Thanks to Steve Lenton we have now sourced one in the UK and Rosemary ordered it yesterday. It has, of course, cost considerably more than we initially expected - another £90 and the contributions coming in for the yearly 4 euros subscription will hopefully help to offset this cost. The computer donated by Matthew Jones, although working when it left the UK, is not now - the computer cannot talk to the monitor. Steve has looked at this and thinks it is the graphics card, but could be the motherboard! Any advice and/or help with this problem would be most gratefully received.

Thursday 21 May 2009

Talk by Dr Jennifer Moody

Flowers of Crete is proud to announce that Dr. Jennifer Moody, Research Fellow of the University of Texas at Austin, and co-author of 'The Making of the Cretan Landscape' is to give a talk for us on 25th July at 6.00 p.m at BioAroma in Aghios Nikolaos. The talk and slideshow, entitled "Flood, Feast and Famine - adapting to climate change in ancient and historic Crete", is sure to be very interesting and informative and, as usual, entrance will be free. There will be a voluntary collection towards the work of Flowers of Crete. We are expecting a large turn-out for this event, so can you please register your interest by contacting Julia Jones - If there is sufficient interest, we will be organising a meal after the event to give people a chance to meet and talk to Dr Moody. Again, please let us know if you would like to attend the meal - more details on this will be posted on and shortly.

Thursday 7 May 2009

At the last Committee meeting, it was decided to ask supporters to donate 4 euros per year towards the work we are doing on Crete. The funds raised by this, will be used for printing, the production of various 'Flowers of Crete' merchandise and the day to day running of the organisation. Donations can be made in cash to members of the Committee or through PayPal. A facility for paying through PayPal has been set up on the Flowers of Crete website For supporters in the UK and in Greece we can also provide bank details for payment at Barclays Bank or Geniki Bank.

Wednesday 6 May 2009

Sample of 2010 Calendar

Here is a sample page from the Endemic Flowers of Crete calendar for 2010. Further pages will be available shortly, as I assemble the most beautiful images of native flowers month by month.

Cavo Sidero

Dr Rosemary John and I are off to Palehora on Friday to meet with representatives from Minoan the developers for the much discussed development at Cavo Sidero. Although I have been to Vai several times, I have not been on to the peninsula and it should be a very interesting day. We are also hoping to meet with members of the local opposition to the proposed resort, so we will be reporting our findings back to the Committee in two weeks time when we have our next Committee meeting. We will then send out our observations to members in our monthly newsletter. If members have any questions that they feel should be put to Minoan please let us know.

Saturday 2 May 2009

My talk and slideshow

Although no-where near as high profile as Nick's talk in March, we are getting a good response to my talk on the Flowers of Lassithi Province, but are having difficulties coming up with a translator into Greek and someone who will provide a digital projector and sound. If anyone can help, please let us know. We are hoping to attract tourists to the event and would like it to be a success in spreading the word about the flowers here. We can, of course, pay for these services, but as we have very limited funds and the event is free, it defeats the object somewhat if we have to set aside precious funding. I will go and see Sakis at BioAroma this week and try to sort something out, in the meantime, if anyone can help, we would be most grateful. Julia