Saturday, 30 May 2009

Jenny Moody's talk

We would really appreciate offers of prizes for the raffle on Saturday 25th June at BioAroma to help raise money for the work of Flowers of Crete. We rely on donations of prizes for the raffle, as the event is free as a way of raising public awareness of the need for conservation. A lot of work goes into organising and promoting these events and we have to use Flowers of Crete money to put these important slideshows and lectures on - money which could be used for the upkeep of the website and to pay for informational and education literature.


  1. hello!! thankyou for visiting my blog it's great to meet you and I love the idea about the Flowers Of Crete. I love flowers especially when I can find time to sketch and paint them. Ohhh I will have to meet you and Jenny when you come over at the FG, that will be great!
    id love to see some of your paintings.

  2. Hi Faith, Good to meet you too. You can find a few of my paintings on my website if you haven't been on there yet and I'll try to post one on here for you to have a look at. The paintings are in the monthly calendar - not every month but sometimes. Will be great to meet up. If I can't make August, I will definitely be over at Christmas.