Friday, 10 April 2009

Cavo Sidero Development

I have just heard that the Committee ruling on Cavo Sidero has ruled against the development. This information has yet to be confirmed, but Minoan shares have fallen to 10p - their lowest figure yet.


  1. Hip, Hip,Hoorah!!
    Let's hope it's true.
    Have read all the comments regarding the orchids and flowers on my blog....40!! Never had so many!

  2. Will post more when I know for certain. The orchids have been superb this year, I even found some on Kolokythia yesterday - first time ever for me. The March calendar on Flowers of Crete is going to be enormous. Am clearing up from Anne's party this morning, but will take a look at your blog asap! Julia

  3. Jenny Moody confirmed to me today that the ruling is definite and final. There will remain the issue of the sale of public land for private use, so the issue will rumble on for some time, but it seems pretty sure that the proposed golf resort will not be going ahead.