Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Another item off the Wish List

Flowers of Crete would like to thank Heather and Charles Baily from the UK for their generous donation to provide us with a GPS system for identifying the position of important and endangered flowers that we find on our botanising trips. Heather is Rosemary John's sister and she and her husband are supporters of the work we are doing here. At the moment I am exploring the best system to use and Steve Lenton is advising me on how to proceed. Apparently we also could do with a copy of the Google Earth Software and this will replace the GPS system on the wish list. I think I will be on a steep learning curve and Rosemary and I will be using the system on our weekly visits to Pezoulia Reserve once we have cracked how to use it. The computer donated by my son in the UK will be arriving shortly, courtesy of William Rumbold and Liz Scott who are bringing it down with them when the drive down from London next week. This will be invaluable, as my old laptop is really beginning to struggle with the amount of work and images that are stored on it. I do have an external hard drive, but the size and number of images is becoming enormous. So a better laptop would be a wonderful addition to our work. Doesn't have to be new - just quicker than the one I am currently using - An Acer Aspire bought in the UK three years ago.

So to recap -

we have received a donation from Heather and Charles Baily to purchase a GPS system

but we would be eternally grateful for either of the following which are added to our Wish List

Google Earth Software - I think we may need the upgraded version, but would be grateful for info on this
Higher powered laptop

Once again, MANY, MANY thanks to Heather and Charles. The GPS will be invaluable for our work and we will make excellent use of your generous gift.


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  1. I have downloaded the free Google Earth software today. I am not sure whether this is sufficient to be compatible with recording the site of rare and endangered plants, but if it is, I just have to learn how to use it now!