Monday, 14 November 2011

Red Palm Weevil

Up until a few days ago the palm weevils were still flying - I killed two in the house last week. I have heard from quite a few people that their palms are infested and that there is no money available from the authorities to deal with the problem - not surprising in view of Greece's ordeals at the moment. As far as I understand it basic measures are being taken to spray palms in public areas but the threat is by no means being dealt with. So far I have received no information of infestation of P. theophrasti and several eminent botanists believe that they will not be attractive to the palm weevil. We can only hope that they are right!


  1. We have been asked to collect specimens of palm weevils from across Crete to help with research on their DNA by a researcher at Rome University. We are collecting preserved examples ready to send off. If anyone on the island is happy to help with this, please let me know.