Sunday, 3 January 2010

Translation from Patris on Cretan Palm

In a meeting on Vai
After the discovery of the "P" for the disaster - the initiative of Secretary of State Michael. Karchimaki

On the issue of measures to preserve the palm forest at Vai and other clusters of palm trees in Crete by the beetle, intervened yesterday by Secretary for Rural Development Michael Karchimakis. In a letter to the Secretary General of the Region of Crete Thanasis Karountzo Mr Karchimakis proposes to convene immediately a meeting involving all the co-authorities and agencies to start now coordinated efforts to save the palm of Crete. In his letter Mr. Karchimaki to Mr Karountzo stated:

"Over the last four years Crete faces a serious problem for the invasion of the insect Rynchoforos, which spread rapidly from area to area destroying palm trees.

The bug is based on both plant health legislation of the European Union, as Ms. corresponding Greek designated insect quarantine and requires immediate remedy it.

Unfortunately, all these years, the measures taken were insufficient, resulting in the destruction of the palm to spread rapidly and now threaten to contamination in integrated network NATURA, Vai palm.

The fact that the palm trees on Crete are an integral part of the aesthetic and a major investment, and adorn the public parks, beaches, homes and hotels on the island. In addition, the Palm Vai is a tourist destination unparalleled beauty of Crete and rare environmental value for the planet.

We therefore directly and closely all stakeholders to look at the problem, giving a final solution to the gradual destruction of these historic trees. So he finds it necessary to ask you to arrange a joint meeting of the Region of Crete on the treatment of aggressive insect Rynchoforos and protection of the Palm Beach Vai in Lasithi, and any other native palm island.

Given your sensitivity to environmental issues and cultural history of Crete, thank you in advance for your cooperation and look forward to your reply.

Geotechnical Chamber of Intervention

Meanwhile, the issue involved and the Crete Branch of the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece. As announced yesterday, the last meeting of the Steering Committee Annex "approved the proposal drafted by a group of members of the Geotechnical Chamber and decided the proposal be forwarded directly to the political leadership of the Ministries of Rural Development and Environment, the Secretary General of the Region of Crete and 4 prefects of the island. In the Prefect Prefect and the Chamber will seek a special meeting to inform them in more detail on the proposal submitted.

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