Friday, 13 March 2009

Press conference in Aghios

The press conference proved to be a success, with an interview with Anatoli and with local radio and several enquiries from newspapers and magazines in Heraklion. It had not previously been understood that this is the only talk Nick Turland is giving while he is in Crete, and the importance of this event cannot be overstated. It was decided, that in order to fit everything in to the evening, we should bring the start time forward to 6.00 p.m. This would enable visitors to have a look around the botanic garden being set up at BioAroma and to talk to Sakis about the essential oils distillery and the museum of Cretan life. Nick's talk will then follow with translation into Greek and a chance to have a social exchange with refreshments kindly provided by Sakis and his wife. We cannot thank Sakis enough for his sponsorship of Flowers of Crete and his generosity in allowing us to hold such events at his premises.


  1. I'm glad it was a success, see you soon.

  2. Thanks Jude...there is a write up and photo on 104.4fm Radio website -